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Mambila Statue (N° 8815)

The mambila statuary usually has squat and folded proportions on itself, the characters have bent arms and a triangular face carried forward.

The face can be concave, but it is smooth on this piece which still has contours. very angular and a conical shape Just under the pointed beard, proudly stands the virile member of the character conferring a connotation of power and fertility to the statue. Despite their small numbers, the 30,000 Mambila (or Mambilla, Mambere, Nor, Torbi, Lagubi, Tagbo, Tongbo, Bang, Ble, Juli, Bea), located in northwestern Cameroon, created a large number of masks and statues. There is still a large production of terracotta objects, a sign of the influence of the ancient Sao civilization further north, to Chad.  

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OriginEx collection privée française
Height cm100
Width93 cm
Weight22.00 Kg
Estimated datingcirca 1940

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