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Statue Metoko Kakungu (N° 15069)

This tribal statue, stylized, engraved on massive feet, is engraved with alternating parallel grooves representing the Keloid scars, also associated with the status of the character, a worthy old man having been a victim of witchcraft, ngu. The exorbiting pupils, protruding in the center of large orbits, give it a hallucinated look. White clay was rubbed into the hollow of the furrows, indigo pigments on the reverse, giving a clear patina, grayed, to the sculpture. Lacks and abrasions, long cracks of dessication, patina of velvety use. Kakungu cult statue belonging to the Metoko and Lengola, peoples of the primary forest dedicated to the worship of a single God, rare monotheism in Africa. Their three-grade society, Bukota, was structuring daily life and welcoming both men and women. It represents the equivalent of the association Bwami of Lega. The sculptures played a role during the initiation ceremonies, and were then placed on the grave of the high-ranking initiates. Kakungu in particular was surrounded by other carved objects related to initiation rites and circumcision. Each of these figures had a name, just like the Lega traditions.  

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