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Yoruba Cup Carrier (N° 18969)

Cup bearers in traditional African art from Nigeria.
The priestess with female and male attributes, her cheeks marked with scarifications in three vertical "kpélé" claws, kneels and supports a cup for offerings or divination. She holds a scepter and a rattle for dancing. Singularly, the cup decorated with Orunmila's faces is not hollow and may have served as a tray. The Yoruba religion is based on artistic sculptures with coded messages ( aroko ). These spirits are supposed to intercede with the supreme god Olodumare .
Crusty patina . Polychrome matt pastillage. Desiccation cracks and abrasions. <. Within the Yoruba pantheon, Orunmila is the deity "orisa" who is consulted in case of problems through the divination ifà thanks to the diviner babalawo ( iyanifà for a woman). The kneeling figure would embody Esu or Elegba , divine messenger that unites the orisa to men.
The kingdoms of Oyo and Ijebu were born after the disappearance of the Ife civilization and are still at the base of the political structure of the Yoruba. The Oyo created two cults centered on the still active Egungun and Sango societies, which worship their gods, the Orisa, through ceremonies using masks, statuettes, sceptres and divination supports. (source: "Yoruba", B.Lawal, 5 continents)  

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Originex-collection portugaise
Height cm72
Width17 cm
Weight5.60 Kg
Estimated datingmid-xx°

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