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African art in transit (N° 21421)

African Art in Transit is a compelling account of the commodification and circulation of African art objects in the international art market. Christopher Steiner's analysis of the role of the African intermediary in connecting those who produce and supply art in Africa with those who buy and collect so-called "primitive" art in Europe and America is based on extensive field research among art dealers in Côte d'Ivoire. Steiner provides a lucid interpretation that reveals not only a complex economic network with its own logic and internal rules, but also an elaborate process of cross-cultural valuation and exchange. By focusing directly on the intermediaries of the African art trade, he unveils a new critical perspective on how symbolic codes and economic values are mediated in the context of shifting geographical and cultural domains. It challenges conventional definitions of authenticity in African art by demonstrating how the categories of "authentic" and "traditional" are continually redefined.

Author: Christopher B. Steiner
Publisher: Cambridge uniservity press
Condition: very good
Number of pages: 219
Language: English
Dimensions : 225 x 150 mm
ISBN : 9780521457521


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