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Another history of ar (N° 20815)

The cartography of our aesthetic admirations has changed considerably during the XXth century. Not only were the creations of earlier times re-evaluated by artists and scholars, but new territories that belonged only marginally to the sphere of the beautiful were discovered or annexed by the adventurous eye of the age. This enlarged repertoire, compared to previous centuries, obviously had a disruptive effect on creation itself, as artists suddenly had at their disposal a much wider range of possibilities, concepts and forms than their predecessors. Many of the masterpieces thus revealed have since left an exceptional trail in the history of modern thought and emotion. They are masterpieces linked to the French intellectual situation, and invented by the XXth century, which build the history of the modern eye.

Edited by Laurent Le Bon, Yves Le Fur and Jean de Loisy, with Cécile Bargues, Mouna Mekouar and Alexandre Quoi.
Editions de la Martinière
Condition : very good
Language : French
Number of pages : 240
Dimensions : 285 x 215 mm
ISBN : 978-2732445830

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