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Gabon (N° 22114)

Through works of exceptional plastic quality, the work Gabon, presence of spirits, gives an overview of modes of expression that bear witness to ancestral knowledge and practices that are among the most accomplished of African arts. At the heart of the relationships that unite the living and the dead, ancestor worship is based on an essential object, the reliquary surmounted by a guardian figure. The Fang and the Kota were the most inspired sculptors. Masks, whose manifestations are diversified, also occupy a central place among most peoples of the Ogooué basin, punu, lumbu, njabi, vuvi, fang, kota... Used during worship ceremonies or other types of he objects, musical instruments, spoons, knives, various adornments, reflect just as much the creativity of the peoples of Gabon and the richness of their ancient cultural heritage. In addition, this book introduces the work of Myriam Mihindou, visual artist of Gabonese origin, traveling the world. His photographic creations and sculptures question a ritualized body, in search of freedom.

Author: Christiane Falgayrettes-Leveau
Edition: Dapper
Condition: like new
Language: French
Number of pages: 205
Dimensions: 320 x 240mm
ISBN: 978-2915258189

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Weight1.40 Kg
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