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Headgear Africa Asia (N° 19576)

The one hundred and twenty hairstyles from the Ira Brind collection presented in Headwear. Africa Asia take us to the remotest lands of these two continents. The surrounding nature has been generous to the craftsmen who, thanks to their creative genius and know-how, have wonderfully exploited its resources. Fibres, seeds, foliage and flowers are borrowed from the plant world, while shimmering feathers, immaculate or iridescent shells, teeth and furs are borrowed from the animal kingdom; iron, copper, silver and gold have also largely contributed to confer their strength or brilliance to the head ornaments. The latter come in the form of hats, caps, caps, crowns and headbands. For centuries, the great trade and pilgrimage routes have facilitated the acquisition of rare materials and manufactured products as well as the dissemination of new manufacturing techniques.
Initiate and adult adolescents, hunters and warriors, religious dignitaries and healers, rulers and notables; nubile girls, married women and young mothers wear distinctive headdresses. The author introduces the reader to the symbolic richness of these headdresses.

Text by Anne van Cutsem-Vanderstraete
Text by Anne van Cutsem-Vanderstraete
Color photographs by Mauro Magliani
Editions: Five Continents
Condition: NEW
Language: French
Number of pages: 200
Dimensions: 240 x 285 mm
ISBN : 978-8874395507

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