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Expressing one of the many Luba sub-styles, the great male figures created by the master sculptors of the Hemba culture in southeastern Congo since at least the mid-1800s are undoubtedly among the noblest sculptural representations of the human figure in sub-Saharan Africa. With their serene gaze and meditative expression, they exude a tranquility and dignity appropriate to these idealized portraits commemorating the esteemed leaders of the past. Imbued with a vital force, these objects invested by the spirit were capable of communicating between the living and the dead. Through their inner power, they had the ability to impact the material sphere by enabling ancestors to positively influence the well-being of their surviving relatives.
In this publication, through the insightful lens of art photographer Luigi Spina, we discover nine of Hemba's most accomplished creations whose classical style has triggered comparisons with some of the kouroi sculptures of ancient Greece. Spina's photographic interpretations help us understand why these proportionally balanced and symmetrically designed ancestral figures have won the admiration of African art lovers around the world.
These personal readings of the beloved Hemba memorial portraits also confirm why these sensitive representations of the human anatomy deserve to be included in the universal history of artistic creativity and to have a place in André Malraux' "Museum without walls".

Color photographs
Condition: new
Edition: 5 Continents
Language: French and English
Number of pages: 143
Dimensions: 350 x 250 mm
ISBN : 978-8874398034  

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