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Ife, Akan and Benin (N° 25064) Deposit sale

This is the first publication devoted to the Foundation's collection "Forgotten Cultural Treasures", which, in addition to ancient terracottas of the Nok culture, includes superb bronzes from Ife. Sculptures and ritual objects from the ancient empire of Benin as well as precious gold jewelery from the Akan groups of Ghana are other masterpieces that testify to the excellence of the craftsmanship of West African cultures. . The collection is complemented by gold weights in the form of imaginative miniature sculptures depicting human and animal motifs and used to weigh gold dust. Until now, objects from this cultural area could only be loosely placed in a chronological and stylistic context. Thanks to the most modern research techniques, it is now possible to assign scientifically established dates to objects, which has made it possible to question the whole edifice of traditional attributions in art history.

Author: Francois Neyt
Editions: Arnoldsche
Condition: used, good
Language: English, German
Number of pages: 160
Dimensions: 3000 x 220mm
ISBN: 978-3897901506

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Tribal art - Ife, Akan and Benin
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