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NAGA Awe-inspiring beauty (N° 19640)

If he talks about the primitive arts, Naga. The Beauty of Fear is neither a travel book about exoticism nor an essay on applied anthropology. Through the exceptional Gillion Crowet collection, it is an invitation to meet a society that, on the borders of India and Burma, has long remained unknown. Closed in on itself, it has escaped the major civilizational movements while developing a specific culture based on "headhunting" as an economy of the vital energy that governs the universe. Both sophisticated and frightening, the Naga culture has found in artistic creation the means to express its conception of the cosmos with a sensitivity and subtlety too little highlighted. With several hundred works, the collection magnifies Naga art through its ornaments and ornaments, always of high quality. Thus, the cultural approach opens the way to an aesthetic appreciation that places the Naga civilization at the heights of the primitive arts. Distinguishing itself from a literature that is essentially anthropological in nature, the essay composed by Michel Draguet intends to emphasize the artistic quality of artifacts that are above all works of art that bear witness to the cultural and social values specific to the different Naga ethnic groups. By associating reproductions of all the pieces with ancient photographs, the book brings back to life a vanished civilization through an imaginary world where beauty feeds fear.

Author: Michel Draguet
Editions: Fonds Mercator
Condition: NEW
Language: English
Number of pages: 424
Dimensions: 330 x 225 mm
ISBN : 978-9462302037


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