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South of the Sahara (N° 20816)

South of the Sahara opens with general observations about the immensely rich and diverse artistic heritage of sub-Saharan Africa. Constantine Petridis examines the relationship between contemporary African art and so-called traditional art, and presents examples showing that many African works were originally part of an ensemble or part of a performance. He discusses how the works relate to ideas of leadership and the supernatural, and then relates the many misunderstandings that still exist regarding the history and chronology of African art. After After dissecting the complex issue of style, he focuses on the relationship between styles, time, and geography. Finally, Petridis addresses the little-known issue of African aesthetics, examining how the aesthetic preferences of the creators and users of the works differ from those of Western museum audiences and art lovers. Forty-two important works from thirty different cultures are presented in full color, including objects from the ancient kingdom of Benin and examples from two of Africa's oldest archaeological art traditions: Nok in Nigeria and Djenne in Mali. Enriched with numerous field photographs and ethnographic information, this presentation emphasizes the extraordinary formal invention and spiritual power of the objects.

Author: Constantin Petridis
Publisher: Cleveland Museum of Art
Condition : NEW
Language : English
Number of pages : 128
Dimensions : 300 x 215 mm
ISBN : 978-0940717763

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