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The arts of Africa (N° 21025)

Dealing with African art on the scale of the black continent in its variety and specificities, and in the spirit of the "Guide to the Arts" collection, this work invites the reader to a journey in four stages. In the first part, tracing the great periods of African civilizations, we discover that these arts sometimes go back thousands of years. Because of the appetite of wood-eaters, ancient wooden pieces are rare, but exceptional terracottas have recently been unearthed. Secondly, it is possible to identify certain formal and stylistic principles from key works: the statuette or the mask. Thus, the mask is not only facial: it becomes a helmet, a blade, a helmet, a crest, an amulet, and is made up of several faces and finery... A third part insists on these so-called "minor" arts that were created the conditions of a major art. Utilitarian pieces (spoons), ornamental (jewelry) sometimes have a ritual dimension and the most humble creations are often the strongest aesthetically. Finally, it will be a question of accomplishing an immense geographical journey from the Sahara to South Africa to see that the African creation is immensely varied and that the plastic solutions, innumerable, were each time unexpected.

Author : Alain-Michel Boyer
Editions : Hazan
Condition : like new
Language : French
Number of pages : 383
Dimensions : 200 x 135 mm
ISBN : 978-2754104258


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