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The dance of the Eguns (N° 21924)

African art and voodoo worship
Benign. 1997. During a trip to the country that saw the birth of voodoo, Jean-Jacques and Hélène Ducos have an encounter that will change their lives: that of an Égun, a Ghost, the most mysterious character in the voodoo religion. . They are immediately fascinated by this being of light, dressed in a marvelously colorful costume, covered with sequins, shells and embroidery. Ten years in a row, they will return to Benin in order to see this dazzling apparition again, to understand the world of the Ghosts, its meanings, its symbols. During this long quest, they will penetrate deep into Beninese society, familiarize themselves with voodoo rites, without however succeeding in accessing the Egun ceremonies. Then one day, by dint of patience, the doors will finally open in front of them. Then begins a fascinating dive into the most secret universe of the voodoo world...

Author: Hélène and Jean-Jacques Ducos
Publisher: Kubik
Condition: like new
Language: French
Number of pages: 141
Dimensions: 215 x 290mm
ISBN: 978-2350830469

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