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Visions of Africa Baga (N° 19500)

The Baga, along with the Nalu and Landuma, are rice-growing populations settled along the coast of Guinea in West Africa. They have become universally known since the end of the 19th century thanks to their remarkable sculptures discovered by explorers, colonial administrators, ethnologists, collectors and art dealers.
Today, Baga art objects are admired in public and private collections in northern countries. They are mainly wooden masks of various natures, statues, statuettes but also superb percussion instruments, chiefs' seats and other skillfully carved utilitarian objects. In the past, these sacred objects were designed and used within the framework of the ancient Baga religious beliefs, based on the presentification of divine entities, cults dedicated to ancestors, rites of passage, the existence of secret brotherhoods, and the organization of important community ceremonies such as weddings, funerals of elders, and harvests.
They are also more recent plastic creations that traditional sculptors have invented with talent and technical skill under the influence of colonization and new religions, while drawing on their legends and myths. Let us recall the characters of settlers standing, on horseback or perched on birds, the declensions of several busts of women evoking the sea goddess mami wata, the winged figures, the bestiaries of tales and legends and the representations of the founding heroes of their villages. Nowadays, the young Baga continue to shape certain commemorative and emblematic objects such as the large D'mba mask, and to produce other sculptures related to their historical and cultural evolution. All these objects animate the dances and representations in the villages and outside.

Author: Marie Yvonne Curtis
Editions: Five Continents
Color and black and white photographs
Condition: NEW

Language: French
Number of pages: 148
Dimensions: 165 x 240 mm
ISBN : 978-8874398195  

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