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ZIMBABWE (N° 21027)

This book takes an in-depth look at the historical art of the three main cultures of Zimbabwe, namely the Shona, Ndebele and Tonga cultures. It traces how art is never separated from life in a historical African context, but remains an important existential tool, integral to life. Therefore, art is found in sacred and functional objects, in interiors, fashion, personal gestures and ordinary events. In this context, art functions differently, for it is the language of the symbol, a language that takes into account the exchanges of the human psyche with others and with the universe. This book opens a window on the symbolism of Africa, attesting that the mind naturally takes into account two parallel codes: the external code of sensory consciousness and the internal code of subjective consciousness. To trace the functioning of the aesthetic code of sub-Saharan Africa, present in all its cultures, is to reveal the symbolism of Africa as a parallel language and expression of its philosophy. This is the purpose of this book. The 200 photographs illustrating the historical art of Zimbabwe, taken at a time when it was more readily available, show how art expresses itself through life as a language, with spiritual and cultural meaning, ensuring that this meaning is never alien to the individual consciousness.

Authors : Duncan Wylie & Gillian Atherstone
Publisher : Five Continents
Condition : NEW
Language : French
Dimensions : 315 x 250 mm
ISBN : 978-88-7439-946-8

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