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The Ashanti people see women as the final arbiter of all decisions. Fertility and children are the most common themes represented in Ashanti wood carvings. These wooden figurines were worn by pregnant women, tight in their loincloth, to ensure the arrival of beautiful children.

Ghana s Akua ba Ashanti dolls
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Used by the Ashanti and Fantis of Ghana, Akuaba (plural Akua'mma) doll statuettes are amulets used by Ashanti women to promote fertility. They are easily identifiable by their stylized appearance. Their flat, circular head has a high front occupying the upper part, the lines usually appear in the lower third of the head. A beauty brand, the ringed neck also symbolizes prosperity. Worn behind the backs of women, these statues are also accompanied by various rituals, such as the ingestion of a potion, or the arrangement of the object on the family altar. After the birth of the child, the sculpture serves as a toy, and sometimes still offered to the healer in order to witness its effectiveness. This ancient doll depicts the mother carrying her child behind her back, firmly held by a draped ...

Fertility doll Akuaba Ashanti
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Fertility symbols in African art Ashanti
This stylized female figure is called Akua'ba (plural Akua'mma). It has traditional features: a flat, circular head surmounting a tubular bust with horizontal arms. A similar miniature effigy, depicting the child, is housed in the textile of which it is draped. These stylized wooden effigies were worn by pregnant women, huddled in their loincloths, to ensure the arrival of beautiful children. The overwhelming majority of these statues are female, with breasts.

Shanti are one of the ethnic groups of Ghana (formerly "), part of the Akan group, living in a forested area. Like other people living in the central and southern part of Ghana, she speaks a language of the Twi group. This people regard women as the final arbiter of all ...

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