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Tribal art - Attié:

The lagoon peoples are all a group of ethnic groups including the Attie.

Attié female statue
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Tribal art > African Statues > Statue Attié

This fine-deed statue has a body free of ethnic scarifications. The ovoid head, with an internalized appearance, is haloed with a braided hull. The curved arms are extended from hands to shells resting on the rounded hips of the legs firmly anchored. Glossy, dark patina.
The Attié are a lagoon population, located in the east of Côte d'Ivoire, and belongs to the large Akan group. The latter also includes the Ebrié and Abouré. The artistic achievements of these different ethnic groups thus possess a similar aesthetic. The Attié, of Akye-Fo, "the holders of the blade", are divided according to the north and the south. This ethnic group lives mainly from palm oil production and the harvest of yam, banana and maize. Artifacts made by the Attié ethnic group were used in ceremonies and ...

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Female statue Attié Nkpasopi
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Tribal art > African Statues > Statue Akyé

Ex-collection Belgian tribal art.
Rather than an icon extolling fertility, this Akan African art sculpture was a medium of divination for the medium. This feminine effigy with a high conical chest and tubular umbilical is described in rounded volumes that respond with great harmony and perfect symmetry. Dark, oiled and lustrous patina, revealing the veining of a light wood. Kaolin-encrusted residue on the face. Desication crack and traces of xylophages. The Barbier-Mueller Museum in Geneva has a comparable copy. Acquired by Guy Mercier, consultant for the Solvay Group, who began to collect a vast collection of African tribal art at the beginning of the 20th century. While radiating in West and Central Africa as part of his work, and collecting in-situ works, the majority of his ...

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