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Tribal art - Bamun:

The Bamoun live in a region full of both wooded reliefs and savannas. This large territory called Grassland located southwest of Cameroon is also home to other nearby ethnic groups such as Bamileke and Tikar. Stylistically, we feel the influence of this inter-ethnic promiximity by common traits on the pieces of art, such as the tendency to represent characters with bulging eyes Tikar eyes, or the application of pearls on African art sculptures bamileke.

Bamoun Mask
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African art productions among The Grassland's chiefdoms This mask made from heavy wood has a jovial appearance accentuated by the brilliance of different metals and the trim of cauris. This type of masks Bamoun are worn on the top of the head, unlike most Bamileke face masks. The lines are highlighted by "Pe" , a mixture of palm oil and paduk wood, blood-red wood, some of which are covered during rejoicing ceremonies, and which, after being grated, is kept in carved wooden containers.
Within the territory of Cameroon's Grasslands live the Tikar, Anyang, Widekum, Chamba, Bamoun and Bamileke ethnic groups. The influence of this inter-ethnic proximity is felt by common traits on the pieces of art, such as the tendency to represent chubby characters with globular eyes in the Tikars, or ...

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Dignitary Bamoun on his throne
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The royal figure sits on a large trone with a semicircular seat and on either side of the backrest rises reminiscent of the elephant tusks, a royal animal par excellence. A multitude of perforated patterns The face of the dignitary is covered with a brass plate modeled on his features. In the Bamoun, the works of the sculptors testify to the rank and fortune of their sponsor. These people, renowned for their wealth, are today more than ever at the head of large fortunes at the head of large companies. Historically, Bamoun artists have produced innumerable works all more impressive than the others. The masks, the beaded objects, the drawings of Njoya, the architecture itself as evidenced by their palaces.

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