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Bassa/Mano zoomorphic figure
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French African art coll. Rare Bassa hybrid sculpture, featuring a dog whose mouth supports a human head. This face reproduces the African mask named Gela , Geh-Naw , from the Bassa ethnic group of Liberia. A second face associated with talisman masks appears in relief on the back of the animal. Object with protective purpose, simialire p.24 in Tribal Art of Black Africa" J.B.Bacquart. Velvety patina, matt, greyish brown. Erosions. Residues of kaolin whitewash.
The Bassa group of Liberia is established on the coastal region, specifically around Grand-Bassa. Its culture and artistic production have been influenced by the neighboring Mande-speaking Dan and Kpelle. The Bassa have female and male initiation societies, including the chu-den-zo which gave rise to this type of ...

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Geh Naw Bassa Liberia Mask
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This rare mask, named Gela , Geh-Naw , of Liberia's Bassa ethnic group, a talisman mask, has a crusty agglomerate on top, imprisoning magical-purpose elements, twigs, metal, textiles and other materials. The triangular chin, curved forward, is lined with metal slats, echoing the inlays that enhance the mouth. The lines and scarifications, dug in the wood, are coated with white clay.
The Liberia's Bassa group is based in the coastal region, particularly around Grand-Bassa. Its culture and artistic production have been influenced by the Dan and the neighbouring Kpellé, who are Mandé-speaking. The Bassa have women's and men's initiation societies, including the chu-den-zo that gave birth to this type of sculptural work. The mask geh-naw , or gela , was on the dancer's forehead, ...

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