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The art of Benin is described as a court art because it is closely associated with the king, known as the Oba. The tradition of Ifè bronze course objects dates back to the 14th century.

Pair of heads Benin Uhumnwun elao
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Tribal art > African bronze > Benin Heads

This refined late sculpture, based on a work that was made on the queen's death, depicts a queen mother of Benin named the Iyoba, whose neck is surrounded by multiple necklaces of coral pearls. Her high curved hairstyle was also made up of a beaded silla falling on either side of the face.
Patine dark, moist, golden reflections. After the birth of the future king, the queen was power and could no longer engender. But at the end of the 15th century the Oba Esigie refused to comply with this practice and wanted to attribute the city of Uselu to his mother. She also received a palace and many privileges. In recognition she raised an army to fight the Northern Igala. The Oba had a head cast in his effigy, among many works cast with lost wax, to place them on his altar after his death. ...

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Benin bronze royal plaque
Tribal art > African bronze > Benin Plate

This bronze plaque will be accompanied by its certificate of analysis from the German laboratory Ralf Kotalla. According to scientific expertise, the piece is estimated at the beginning of the 19th century. The plate is thick, locally pierced.

Before the destruction of the palace of the Kingdom of Benin in 1897, the divine character of kings, the Oba , was illustrated by multiple works celebrating their power. In African tribal art, glorifying war scenes were reproduced on narrative plates, in bronze, and affixed to the walls. Sumptuous bronze altars, commemorative figures of deceased chefs, majestic felines, heavy bracelets, hairs and recades were produced in quantity in many workshops of smelters according to the technique of cast iron with lost wax. During the 16th ...

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Portuguese Colon Benin
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Tribal art > African bronze > Portuguese Colon Benin

The mastery of bronze in African art.

This exceptional and ancient piece depicts a Portuguese settler.
This figure carrying in the right hand what appears to be a firecracker and in the left hand a shackle (open bronze ring) testifies to the importance of the Portuguese for the Oba, king of the ethnic group, and the dominant class of the Kingdom Benin in the 16th century century.
Indeed, the tremendous increase in imports of metal in the form of shackles, used as a bargaining chip, provided bronze craftsmen with huge quantities of raw material for their works and contributed greatly to the economic boom. Benin.
The Portuguese is therefore presented here as a provider of wealth.
In the 16th century, they played a major role at the oba court: they ...

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