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The Bété, in southwestern Côte d'Ivoire, produce statues and masks that share similarities with those of the Wé and Vaï of Liberia. The function of their statuary has not yet been clearly defined.

Gouro mask
Tribal art > African mask > Gouro mask

Heavy African mask with a vertical ridge on the forehead. This is a striking feature of statuary from the area between the Guro and the Bétés. The braided hairstyle is neatly represented by parallel streaks. This mask, whose function remains poorly documented, would symbolize masculine strength, and perhaps also a powerful notable named "migone". Glossy dark patina, cracks and abrasions.
The Bété form a tribe established on the left bank of the Sassandra River in the south-west of the Ivory Coast. Close to the Kouya and the Niabwa, the making of their masks, as well as their function, have great similarities.

"Guro" ed. 5Continents.

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Nyabwa Bété guerrilla mask
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Tribal art > African mask > Beté Mask

Entanglement of disparate horns for this face mask of the beté/guéré ethnic group. Real sheep horns are nailed to the wooden surface forming the face and a strip of hardened canvas conceals its base. The whole thing is coated with a dark film where kaolin pigments mingle. A mouth ajar appears between the horns. At the top, a cup woven with vegetable fibers is solidified by libations. Oyster shells form a garland at the base.
It is mainly in western Côte d'Ivoire that the Bété use masks whose style has been influenced by the society of masks gla webé and Guéré , a set referred to Wé or men who forgive easily, itself belonging to the cultural group Krou, these traditions having been passed on to them and taught by the Nyabwa. Of warlike origin but also involved in the resolution of ...

Bété/Dida Mask
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Tribal art > African mask > Bété/Dida Mask

Heavy African piece of art, facial mask with an ovoid face in which the hairstyle, divided into three curves outlined with brass, is an evidence of its origin Bété, but also southern Gouro.

The medial rib embossed evokes the scarifications in use, the eyelids carefully worked join at the top the ridge of the triangular nose.The philtrum runs to two appendices composed of large circular trays superimposed, forming a great machoîre gaping.These elements are edged with a roll of canvas that a wicker weave keeps it tight, the internal faces are colored with reddish pigment, the surface of this Bété mask is lustrous, the patina is satin, kaolin is applied to the eyes and to the cruciform pattern of a tray. are a tribe established on the left bank of the Sassandra River in the ...

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