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Tribal art - Bidjogo:

The Bidjogo ethnic group is established in the Bissagos archipelago of Guinea Bissau.

Masque Bidjogo Dung be
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Tribal art > African mask > Masque Dung'be

This African zoomorphic mask with real horns comes from the Bis sagos Archipelago, which is made up of about 30 islands off the coast of Guinea-Bissau. On this massive piece representing a bovine head a nylon string attached to the hollowed-out nostrils goes around the head. A double cord also cents the ringed massive neck, the cords of which meet under the mask. The eyes with glass pupils and the horns are highlighted with animal fur. The mask is painted bright red, the features highlighted in white. This mask participated in traditional ceremonies, usual abrasions, cracks. The mask is worn before or at the end of the initiation ceremonies, by a young initiate. cabaro, which will bend and bend, conveying the idea of a vigorous but still untamed young animal, and the need to go ...

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