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Tribal art - Boulou:

Boulous located on the border between Cameroon and Gabon, are part of the Fang ethnic group.

Relic statue Bulu, Boulou
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Deep whitened orbits and wide rictus give an unusual character to this statue embodying the spirit of a great ape. It also serves as a reliquary thanks to its hollowed-out bust on the back, shuttered by a shutter. Tapestry nails highlight certain features. Dark skate abraded locally. Erosions.
Established in the equatorial forest between Cameroon and Gabon, the Bulu are part of the Fang ensemble that use sculptures as part of the cult of ancestors. As the Fang of South Cameroon famous for their large white masks, the Boulou, Bulu, also practiced the ritual Ngi , Ngil in order to fight witchcraft and poisoning. Ngi is the anthropoid monkey, a fearsome animal to which the applicant identifies after his acceptance into the secret society. (African Art, Mazenod).

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