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Ligbi Djimini Mask
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Former private collection of African art Jan Putteneers (Antwerpen, Belgium).

A powerful symbolism is inscribed in the masks of the Ligbi/Djimini.
From the front part, the representation of a beak of the large fertile calao is projected in front of the face, referring to the function of the group of blacksmiths.
Like the Tagouana, this ethnic group is part of the Mandé of northern Côte d'Ivoire.

The Djimini, knowing the art of iron and wood, will face those who declare war on them, especially the Baoulé, Malinké and Abron, whose influence they will nevertheless retain an important influence in their culture.
The animist djimini society is structured according to initiation rites taking place mainly in the forests.

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