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Grebo mask
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The Kru are divided into twenty-four sub-groups, including the Grebo, who live in southern Liberia and southwestern Côte d'Ivoire.
Their chief is the Bodio, who lives in seclusion. Their masks with tubular outgrowths are said to be of Obi origin, and may symbolize the mythical creatures that inhabit the forests on the banks of the Cavally, which the people address through ritual ceremonies.
The interest of cubist painters and modern sculptors in the abstract forms of the Grebo mask can be seen in some of their works, such as Picasso's 1914 metal guitar.
The series of tubular eyes are associated here with clairvoyant faculties. The curved nasal bridge runs towards a quadrilateral mouth. Behind the mask stands a sculpted human figure, masked by the Grebo, ...

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