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Ijo Otojo zoomorphic crest mask
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Tribal art > African mask > Ijo mask

This African mask, a figure in a pangolin, was sculpted to honor the spirits of nature during the masquerades owu. It was worn horizontally on the top of the skull. The open element at the top is removable. Grainy matte patina. br/> Ijo masks are creatures born of the imagination that are generally related to aquatic life. Indeed, the Ijo-Kalabari live mainly from fishing and their small villages located in swampy areas, their cosmogony naturally centered around this environment.
They masks and other artistic productions are intended to honor the aquatic spirits, oro, whom they venerate and to whom sacrifices were intended. Fishermen had to be careful not to offend these spirits or they could destroy their wrath by means of the various dangerous animal species in the region, such as ...

Ijo Mask
Tribal art > African mask > Ijo Mask

Sculptures of African art and "cubist" tribal masks
This mask from the central Ijo region, standing out from the style of the Ijo Kalabari, is associated with the spirits of nature. It was used by one of the male brotherhoods sekiapu or "dancing people" who wore it obliquely on the head. The central panel with a stylized face with protruding eyes is extended by three tubular protrusions, while the upper panel has two tiny faces separated by vertical elements. The patina is a matt, mottled patina with polychrome highlights. Desiccation cracks.
The Ijo of the Niger Delta live mainly from fishing and agriculture, and their small villages are located in swampy areas west of the Nun River, so their cosmogony has naturally centered around this environment. References to their ...

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Figure Ijo, Ijaw
Tribal art > African Statues > Head Ij

The Ijos in the centre produce relatively schematic sculptures associated with water geniuses (owuamapu), such as this head with a stretched face, on which the features protrude under a tubular forehead. Magical virtues were attributed to this type of sculpture. Many tribes are convinced that these objects acquire their powers through the rites and consecrations to which they are subjected and during which libations and dances can be performed. Interesting grainy grey patina, locally cracked. Height on a base: 52 cm.

The Ijaw are a group of Peoples of West Africa, mainly present in southern Nigeria, in the Niger Delta. At the beginning of the 17th century they migrated further west of the continent to form the Krou peoples of Côte d'Ivoire, Liberia, Guinea and Sierra ...

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