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Kirdi beaded cover-up
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This refined garment embroidered with glass beads, alternating geometric patterns of contrasting colors, forms a fine but dense texture fringed with cowries. When worn, the ensemble produced a soft clinking sound.
Height on base: 33 cm.
The Kirdi, or "pagans", so called by the Islamized peoples, are established in the far north of Cameroon, on the border with Nigeria. They include the Matakam, Kapsiki, Margui, Mofou, Massa, Toupouri, Fali , Namchi, Bata, Do ayo...  They live from agriculture, fishing and livestock. They live in small independent hamlets. Famous for their terracotta statuettes reminiscent of sao works, they are also known for small leather and metal objects, bead-sewn sex covers and also iron.

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