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Masque Kumu Nsembu
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Ex-German African tribal art collection.
Among the primitive art masks, this African mask named Nsembu occurred in male-female pairs, and was used by the Nkunda soothsayer society within the clans living in the north of the Uituri region. Vast eye openings framing a thick nose, housed beneath the volume of a flat skull, and a toothed mouth cut into the lower flat of the face, form the main features of this kaolin-coated mask. Matt patina.
The Kumu, Bakumu, Komo, live mainly in the northeast and center in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Their Bantu language is komo or kikomo . Several ethnic groups are closely intertwined with similar associations: the Mbole, Yela, Lengola, and Metoko. Their artistic production has also great similarities with that of the Metoko ...

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