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Small Kwese Mask
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This small, oval-shaped mask gives off a certain softness thanks to its bulging volumes. The features are highlighted in red, the eyebrows traced with dark pigments. Small ears form a relief on either side of the face. Abrasions. Height on a base: 34 cm.
The Kwé established among other tribes such as the Mbala and the Hungaan, along the banks of the Kwango River in the Democratic Republic of Congo. A triumvirate chooses the territorial chiefs on which village chiefs depend. The Kwese mainly grow millet, maize and cassava and fish in local rivers using traps and baskets. Neighbouring ethnic groups strongly influenced the style of their sculpture, sometimes mistakenly attributed to the Pende, Suku or Mbala. In addition to figures representing chiefs, named ngoola and gabundu, they ...

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