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Tribal art - Mbala:

Mbala Bakungu / Kwese mask
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Among the sacred symbols of authority (Pindi) of the Mbala, this imposing mask has a polychrome patina that gives it a rare character. Imbued with contemplation and serenity, a powerful physiognomy is imprinted on the heart-shaped face with rounded cheeks. The thick raffia adornment attached to the base, intended to conceal the wearer, remains well preserved. Lacks and abrasions. Minimal cracks. Coming from Angola in the 17th century, the Mbala settled in northwestern Zaire and east among the Pelende, Suku, Pende, and Yaka. Formerly matrilineal, they are made up of clans headed by the maternal uncle. The chief was in charge of the ancestor cult, although it was quite limited. Following a retreat of a few days, royal insignia and charms were given to him, intended to combat powers ...

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