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Tchitcheri Sakwa Moba figure
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Tribal art > African Statues > Statue Moba

The Moba statues are easily identifiable by their minimalist structure invariably presenting the same pattern: an imposing spherical head, engulfed here in the shoulders, sometimes engraved with sketchy features, surmounting a body and filiform limbs. The forward-facing legs, in this case, confer an illusion of movement. The raw wood, clear, criss-crossed, is speckled with blackish residual inlays. The reduced works were intended for the family altar. The tchitcheri less than 25 cm in the capacity of the ichthitcher is a personal talisman.
On the soothsayer's threads were entitled to sculpt this protective effigy. The Tchitcheri sakwa (pl. of Chicherik) represent an ancestor symbolized, founder of the clan, by a human body with an abstract face.
It was originally planted in ...

Moba Tchitcheri Figure
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Tribal art > African Statues > Moba Tchitcheri Figure

From the ex private collection of African Art Emile Robyn ( Brussels, Belgium ).

With its forms and proportions, this piece of art echoes the statues in Bronze from Giacometti. The tchitcheri represents an ancestor symbolized with a human body and an abstract face. It is originally stuck in the soil. The tchitcheri sakwa refer to the memory of the founder of a clan.

It's the grandfather of Emile, Abel Robyn, that started the collection in 1850, who was transmitted over three generations. At the death of Abel in 1895, his son, Jérôme Robyn did inherited the collection which he continued to fulfil until his death in 1968.

Emile Robyn inherited from his father and also continued this magnificent collection with all the piece of art he bought ...

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