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Kuba / Twa or Ngeende Bongo mask
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The first African arts in the people of lightning.
This funeral mask, devoid of the decoration of pearls frequently adorning the Masks of the Kuba, forms one of the regional types of masks bwoom, or bongo, embodying a pygmy, and also a spirit originally living in their territory. This mask is characterized by a bulbous forehead, protruding, angular cheekbones, and an important nose growing above hollowed-out quadrangular nostrils and a flat mouth. A raised rib bypasses the base of the hem. Under the oiled black patina a light wood surfaces. Desication abrasions and cracks.
The Kuba kingdom was founded in the 16th century by the Bushoong which are still ruled by a king today. More than twenty types of tribal masks are used in the Kuba or people of lightning, with meanings and ...

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