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Nkanu tambourine sculpture
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Tribal art > African Statues > Nkanu tambourine sculpture

This sculpture of a drummer comes from the Nkanu of the R.D.C. Large orbits dotted with perforations, the pierced pupils evoking trance, distinguish the face of the figure with a rounded back, perched in the shape of a qualifourchon on a cylindrical volume whose base develops into a collar. The polychromy of the head surmounting a long massive neck, coated with white clay and reddish pigments, is characteristic of the Nkanu. Satin patina.
The Nkanu live from agriculture along the Lufimi River. Their villages are grouped in groups of four or five under the authority of a local chief leading the heads of the families. Their artistic production is mainly linked to initiation rites. Drummers appear on the carved wooden panels exhibited during the "kimeki" initiation rites. The sound ...

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Figure masculine Mama Kantana
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Tribal art > African Statues > Statue Mama

By its simplicity, this male figure linked to the divination rituals of male societies is reminiscent of the Filipino statues of the Ifugaos.A spherical head engulfed in extended rounded shoulders with arched arms with wide hands, lateral legs bent, all insinspiring an impression of vigour, of containment. Accompanying this determined attitude, a roar could escape from the gaping mouth. Abraded patina, erosions and lacks.
The Montol, the Goemai and the Kantana, among the group called "Mama", based on the north bank of the Benue River in Nigeria, are frequently grouped into secret male associations. They make use of sculptures for Komtin or Kwompten rituals for which documentation is scarce. The masks of the Mama's mangam ceremonies, whose buffalo masks are better known, are used ...

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