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Nkanu chair
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Prestigious seat carried by five caryatid miniatures constituting the uprights. A sculpted figure whose head protrudes hugs the back that she grips with her hands. Aluminum appliqués, underlined with nails, form symbolic animal motifs.

Abrasions, slight losses.
The Nkanu, from the Kongo group like the Zombo, live from agriculture along the Lufimi River. Their villages are grouped in groups of four or five under the authority of a local chief directing the heads of families. Their artistic production is mainly linked to the "kimeki" initiation rites and the nkanda circumcision: statues of drummers, masks, hut panels, statuettes dedicated to therapeutic rites. The sculpted objects bear motifs intended for the instruction of young initiates. Lit. : "100 People of ...

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