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Tripode Ethiopia Tabouret
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Tribal art > African Chair > Ethiopian tabouret

Beautiful glossy patina for the seat of this little old stool. Three large curved feet support the thick circular tray, the crack of which has been restored with a metal clip. Dark brown patina.
The Oromo are a people living in the Horn of Africa. They are found in Ethiopia and northern Kenya.
They began a pastoral migration to northern territories in the 15th century, facilitated by the ruptures caused by the conquests of Ahmed Gragn. During this process, they clump together and cultivate the local populations.

They are known for their stylized neck supports and generally have a nice symmetry.

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Injera Oromo basket
Tribal art > Usual african items > Oromo basket

This three-foot basket was used to collect Injera, a kind of spongy crepe characteristic of Ethiopian cuisine. Generally they are made from a fermented seed from a local grass on Teff or Fonio.
Everying among Oromos, the pancake was made from corn flour or millet.
The object has a basket frame whose outer surface has then been draped in animal skin, which also constitutes the transport strips.

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