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Nana Yakoma Ovimbundu anthropomorphic tobacco pot
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Tribal art > African Statues > Statue Angola

This exceptional sculpted, stylized female figure features a container on the back with metallic sheets on the back. Parallel legs are like tied at the ankles by copper wire. The digitized hands are gathered at the bust, under the breasts of a young girl. In the rectangular volume of the legs evoking a loincloth, a deep orifice has been arranged. Circular facial scarifications can sometimes be found in neighbouring Chokwe and Luena. The character is said to be associated with the mythical ancestor "nana yakoma", guardian of the sacred fire. This type of sculpture was reserved for the exclusive use of chefs. It is on the Benguéla plateau in Angola that the Ovimbudu , Ovimbundu, composed of farmers and herders, have been established for several centuries. They belong to Bantu speakers, such ...

Female figure OviMbundu Nyaneka
Tribal art > African Statues > Statue OviMbundu

Adorned with tin bracelets, earrings and anklets, multiple necklaces of tubular beads, this slender figure of a young OviMbundu woman rises, imbued with dignity. Devoid of scarification marks, the body is represented naked. This type of sculpture could have been associated with female initiation rituals, fertility, or divinatory rites, the hairstyle evoking that , fashioned with oil and red ochre, of young girls nyaneka following the efuko ritual. Orange-brown oiled patina, desiccation cracks. . It is on the Benguela plateau in Angola that the Ovimbudu , Ovimbundu , composed of farmers and herders, have been established for several centuries. Forming the largest ethnic group in Angola, they belong to the Bantu speakers, such as the Nyaneka , Handa , Nkhumbi , and other groups of ...

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