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Toma Bakrogui plank mask
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Coll. French African art.
Rectangular plan depicts a face topped with horns, and whose nose and headband form the only reliefs. This exceptional mask associated with the ancestors, the bakrogui, has only reduced openings for vision but has a wide open mouth of teeth. At the top an element composed of wood, metal, strings and cauris, acting as a talisman, is coated with a crusty gangue. Only the members of the Poro were allowed to contemplate the mask bakrogui
Emprete of xylophas, smooth dark patina. Height on a base: 158 cm.
The Toma of Guinea, known as Loma in Liberia, live in the forest at high altitudes. They are renowned for their landai masks designed to animate the initiation rites of the association poro which structures their society, and which represent the ...

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