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Masque Egungun Yoruba Costume
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The annual festival is a time of rejoicing for the Yoruba oyo community. Hundreds of African masks in costumes perform in the streets, accompanied by music and spectators. " Egungun " identifies the founding ancestors of lineage that have an impact on the lives of their descendants. Also practiced in Benin, this cult is derived from that of the god Egun of the yoruba and adopted by the Fon under the name of Kuvito (Revenant). The masked traditions of the Yoruba of western Nigeria and those of the Fon of Benin (formerly Dahomey) whose deities and rites are similar, continue despite colonization, education and technology. Some masked parties, however, become, to the sound of drums, entertainment during which masquerades and spectacular swirling dances follow one another for the ...

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