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Pové mask
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Clear residues of pemba, kaolin from the banks of rivers or quarries in Gabon, remain encrusted on the flat surface of this Pové mask, or Vuvi, related to the Tsogho masks. Encircled by a border in slight relief, the face has only a slight bulge at the level of the forehead, then a single and discreet triangular protrusion figuring the nose.
Support of a sacred power, the African mask Pové, among the diversity of Okandé masks, Membé, from the tribes of central Gabon, is carved by an initiate on the eve of ritual ceremonies. He embodies the primordial mythical ancestor of the tribe, Muhunzu. Currently, it manifests itself during the mourning of personalities or to exercise a form of pacifying justice. Established in the Ogooué basin, the Okandé group of Membé language, neighbor ...

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