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Wobe Dan musician mask
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This ancient example is reminiscent of African Dan masks, but its features are more accentuated. A band of kaolin originally covered the eyes. Thick particles remain on the surface. Embellished with various accessories, he would embody a fearsome spirit, a supernatural power, that of the forest. It would appear equipped with many accessories, during night outings, illuminated by the light of torches.
The Wé produced African masks that are the result of interlocking stylistic forms. The Dan , in the north, and the Wé of the south (the Krou group including the Guéré , the Wobé of the northeast, and the Wé of Liberia called Kran or Khran), made use of frequent borrowing due to their proximity. The elements of the bush, protruding volumes of the forehead,,horns and ...

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