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Yohouré Mask, Yaure
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The Yaouré are a subgroup of the Akan people present in Côte d'Ivoire and Ghana. Geographically close to the Baoulé and Gouros, Yaouré art has been subject to the influence of these ethnic groups, which appears through attention to detail and aesthetics. The african art masks Yaouré, or Yauré , whose Baoulé have similar models, are divided into two groups that are difficult to differentiate, the I , sometimes with the addition of coloured pigments, and the lo , usually with dark patina, which intervene during funeral ceremonies or other rite in order to reconcile the favors of the spirits "Yu". The masked dancers Yoouré, Yahouré, were not to be seen by women, it was also forbidden to photograph them.
Mr. Guy Mercier, consultant for the Solvay Group, began collecting a vast ...

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