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Female figure Zande
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The Zande mainly carved two types of statues, the Kudu, between 30 and 50 cm high represent ancestors, and the Yanda statues of 10 to 20 cm, animal or human form, having an apotropaic role, exhibited during divinatory rites during the rituals of the Mani society. This female figure, with arched, muscular arms, offers a tubular, reduced torso and stocky, spread-out lower limbs. The face is characteristic of statues of ancestors not belonging to the categories mentioned above, and appearing in pairs. Brown patina, localized granular aggregates. Desiccation cracks. Formerly known as "Niam-Niam" because they were considered to be anthropophagous, the tribes grouped under the name of Zande, Azandé, settled from Chad on the border of the DRC (Zaire), Sudan and the Central African ...

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Zande Vungara Jet Knife
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Tribal art > African Currencies > Zande Arms

Ex-collection Belgian African art.
This knife with double-edged blades is fitted with a handle sheathed with animal fur, more precisely. A weapon of combat and prestige, it could also form an accessory appreciated during danced ritual ceremonies.
odies referred to as Niam-Niam because they are considered anthropophages, the tribes grouped under the name Zande, Azandé, settled from Chad on the border of the R.D.C. (Zaire), Sudan and the Central African Republic. According to their beliefs, man is endowed with two souls, one of whom turns into a totem animal of the clan to which he belongs. The African tribal art of the Zande, or those who own a lot of land, apart from their court art consisting of spoons, receptable pipes and harps, counts two types of statues: The Kudu statues ...

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Tambour africain Zande U+0022SendeU+0022
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Tribal art > Djembe TamTam > African Tamtam

African musical instruments. Among the Zande in the Uele region (northeastern Congo), as in the whole of the African continent, these large drums accompany with their rhythm various ceremonies. The skin is stretched on the sound box thanks to ingeniously crotched leather straps, forming a beautiful decorative effect on the sides of the instrument. The Sende opposite is a smaller version of the Gaza which can exceed 1 m in height. It also has a basket belt.
Zande drums
Ref.: Royal Museum of Central Africa, Musical Instruments J. Gansemans.

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