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Statue Kwere
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Carved in wenge wood, this female figure illustrates by her attitude the values of the matrilineal bantu society of Tanzania. Figurative version of the Mwana Hiti dolls, she wears the headdress, here made up of several crests, largely releasing shaved temples, emphasizing large circular ears, which form a specificity of the statuary of these regions, and symbolize the word received to be transmitted, vector of memory of the clan or the family. Lustrous black patina, minimal cracks of desiccation.
The Zaramo, the Lugurus and the tribes which surround them conceived dolls generally associated with fecundity, but to which other virtues would be allotted. Their first role is played during the period of seclusion of the young Zaramo initiate. The novice will behave towards the ...

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