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Large Baga Bansonyi Mask
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Remarkably large, this baga mask depicts a naja snake with dilated pupils, erect and ready for attack. A snake-patterned embossed ridge further divides it along the entire length. Polychrome orange motifs adorn its surface. This piece is exceptional for the presence of 'mamelles' on the back of the swollen area. Desication cracks. Polychromy intact but locally abraded. Old room.
As african serpentiform initiation group used mainly by Bulongic (Kifinda village), a subgroup Baga on Guinean coastline, its size can be as large as 2.50 m. These masks were divided into two groups bearing the names Mosolo kombo and Sangaran , each with specific functions. Their design took shape in an esoteric context, at night in the forest. Privileges of initiated men, embodying a spiritual entity, the ...

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