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Tribal art - African tribal pipes in wood or bronze:

The use of the pipe is ancestral and it has been called Africa, the "land of pipes" as the number and the variety is great. Cameroon is the country that has supplied a very large quantity of pipes, whether they are in wood for the private citizen or in bronze if it is devolved to the chief. The pipe has a social and human role in the Cameroonian society, it says "it soothes the hearts", "it gives happiness", it directs the thoughts "etc ...

Luba Ceremonial Pipe
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Tribal art > African tribal pipes in wood or bronze > Pipe Luba

Belgian African art collection.
Represented in a crouching position on the stove of a water pipe made up of a gourd, this female figure luba, a spiritual medium, has an ovoid face with a meditative appearance. The object is lined with twisted copper wires. The headdress, behind a wide headband that reveals a shaved forehead evokes the hairstyles of Luba women at the beginning of the 20th century. The symbolic gesture, with hands placed on the chest, indicates that the secrets of royalty (the bizila) belong to women through their role as political and spiritual intermediaries.
T beautiful oiled patina with satin highlights.
Seed smoking, which was widely cultivated in the region, was widespread among the Luba for its therapeutic properties and social use. But medicinal or ...

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